BSIMSOI Beta Versions
BSIMSOI Latest Release

BSIMSOI is a SPICE compact model for SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) circuit design. This model is formulated on top of the BSIM3 framework. It shares the same basic equations with the bulk model so that the physical nature and smoothness of BSIM3v3 are retained. It’s already being used in production by major semiconductor companies such as IBM and AMD. BSIMSOI was selected by TechAmerica Compact Model Coalition (CMC) as the standard SOI MOSFET model in December 2001.

People of BSIMSOI Project
BSIM Project currently includes the following people:
Chenming Hu
Ali M. Niknejad

Current Developer
Sourabh Khandelwal

Past BSIMSOI Model Contributors
Angada B. Sachid
Darsen D. Lu
Tanvir H. Morshed
Pin SU
Samuel Ka-hing, Fung
Mansun Chan
Chung-Hsun Lin
Dennis Sinitsky
Stephen Tang
Weidong Liu
Robert Tu
Xuemei (Jane) Xi
Navid Paydavosi