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BSIM-IMG, Independent Multi-Gate model, has been developed to model the electrical characteristics of the independent double-gate structures like Ultra-Thin Body and BOX SOI transistors (UTBB). It allows different front- and back-gate voltages, work functions, dielectric thicknesses, and dielectric constants.

An Ultra-Thin Body and BOX SOI transistor that can be modeled by BSIM-IMG.

People of BSIM-IMG Project
BSIM Project currently includes the following people:
Chenming Hu
Ali M. Niknejad

Current Developer
Sourabh Khandelwal
Pragya Kushwaha
Aditya Medury
Yogesh Singh Chauhan

Past BSIM-IMG Model Contributors
Chung-Hsun Lin
Mohan Dunga
Darsen Lu
Sriramkumar V.
Shijing Ya.
Navid Paydavosi