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BSIM-CMG is a compact model for the class of common multi-gate FETs. BSIM-CMG has been implemented in Verilog-A. Physical surface-potential-based formulations are derived for both intrinsic and extrinsic models with finite body doping. The surface potentials at the source and drain ends are solved analytically with poly-depletion and quantum mechanical effects. The effect of finite body doping is captured through a perturbation approach. The analytic surface potential solution agrees with 2-D device simulation results well. If the channel doping concentration is low enough to be neglected, computational eciency can be further improved by setting COREMOD= 1.
    All the important Multi-Gate (MG) transistor behaviors are captured by this model. Volume inversion is included in the solution of the Poisson’s equation, hence the subsequent I-V formulation automatically captures the volume inversion effect. Analysis of the electro-static potential in the body of MG MOSFETs provided the model equation for the short channel effects (SCE). The extra electrostatic control from the end-gates (top/bottom gates) (triple or quadruple-gate) is also captured in the short channel model.


People of BSIMCMG Project
BSIM Project currently includes the following people:
Chenming Hu
Ali M. Niknejad

Current Developer
Sourabh Khandelwal
Juan Pablo Duarte

Past BSIMCMG Model Contributors
Mohan Dunga
Chung-Hsun Lin
Darsen D. Lu
Tanvir Morshed
Shijing Yao
Sriramkumar V.
Navid Paydavosi