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BSIM3 is a physics-based, accurate, scalable, robustic and predictive MOSFET SPICE model for circuit simulation and CMOS technology development. It is developed by the BSIM Research Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley. The third iteration of BSIM3, BSIM3 Version 3 (commonly abbreviated as BSIM3v3), was established by SEMATECH as the first industry-wide standard of its kind in December of 1996. BSIM3v3 has since been widely used by most semiconductor and IC design companies world-wide for device modeling and CMOS IC design. All suggestions for model improvements are charted by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC).

A Note on Naming Convention
The first version of BSIM3v3 was BSIM3 Version 3.0. Subsequent model release were designated with different version numbers. For example, the latest version is named BSIM3 Version 3.3.0 (BSIM3v3.3.0). For more details on BSIM3v3.3.0 refer to BSIM3 Latest Release.

People of BSIM3 Project
BSIM Research Group currently includes the following people:
Chenming Hu
Past BSIM3 Model Contributors:
Ping Ko
Mark Cao
Mansun Chan
Xuemei (Jane) Xi
James C. Chen
Kai Chen
Yuhua Cheng
Mohan Dunga
JianHui Huang
Kelvin Hui
MinChie Jeng
Xiaodong Jin
Weidong Liu
ZhiHong Liu
Robert Tu