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Juan Pablo Duarte has received the Best Student Paper Award at SISPAD

Juan Pablo Duarte has received the Best Student Paper Award at the 2013 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD) for the paper “Unified FinFET Compact Model: Modelling Trapezoidal Triple-Gate FinFETs”.
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Compact Model Council transfers to Si2

Si2 and TechAmerica announced the transfer of the CMC into Si2. The CMC, formed in 1996, develops and standardizes compact models of electronic devices used within commercial circuit simulators across the electronics industry, including virtually all SPICE-class simulation. The CMC will be renamed the Compact Model Coalition to …
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BSIM, UC Berkeley and EPFL Collaboration

The modeling groups at University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have agreed to collaborate on the long-term development and support of BSIM6 as an open-source MOSFET SPICE model for worldwide use. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the long history and large user base of the BSIM model, with the long experience and active role of EPFL for furthering charge-based compact models. More

The First Standard FinFET Model

BSIMCMG106.0.0, the first standard model for FinFETs is officially released. More about BSIMCMG …
BSIMCMG Latest Release